Examples of the 80-20 Rule


A well known rule is the so-called 80-20 rule, which states that, for instance, 20% of the richest persons own 80% of the total wealth. This can obviously be generalized to any number, giving statements of the form “P% of the richest persons own (100−P)% of the total wealth.”  Also, we can generalize this to other domains, to give statements such as “P% of cities in the world are home to (1−P)% of the population.” It is obvious that in any (reasonably well behaved) distribution, we can find a number P that fits the pattern.  Thus my request is:  Can you give me actual examples of statements that fit this pattern?  I’m trying to find the values P in many disciplines as possibles to make a comparison of these  P values.  I’m currently writing a paper about inequality distributions, and would appreciate any input!

Thank you



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