Eleven Essential Physics Lectures by Prof. Leonard Susskind

Prof. Leonard Susskind from Stanford University is one of the most prominent physicists of today, and has given physics lectures in the last few years, which are now online. These lectures are, in my opinion, the fastest way to learn physics. Prof. Susskind is really good at explaining complicated topics. In fact, he doesn’t just follow a script – instead he solves problems and derives results on the whiteboard just as he would on paper by himself. Although he makes errors from time to time, and has to be corrected by the audience, these lectures are still extremely didactic. I really have only very rarely learned so much in so little time.  The lectures range from classical mechanics to cosmology, and cover all important topics in physics. Since there doesn’t seem to be a central place that lists these lectures, I’ve made a list here:

I’ve tried to list the lectures in a rough order of how they should be watched, but beware that I have only seen a small part of them! Also, Prof. Susskind has given lectures about the same topic multiple times; in these cases I have included only one lecture. I will keep this list updated if lectures about new topics appear. Please comment if you find an error. Thanks!

EDIT:  Added Supersymmetry & Grand Unification, which makes it twelve lectures now.


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