The 65 Languages in My Music Collection

As most of you, I have collected music in my life, first as CDs and later on my computer. In particular, a hobby of mine is to collect music in the languages of the world – the more the better! One day, I started tagging each song in my collection with the language it is sung in. Today, about 70% of the 16193 tracks I have are tagged with at least one language.

Here’s the breakdown:

English (8346 songs), French (2366 songs), German (1128 songs), Spanish (587 songs), Portuguese (241 songs), Italian (201 songs), Dutch (197 songs), Arabic (76 songs), Russian (69 songs), Norwegian (69 songs), Latin (64 songs), Nepali (44 songs), Wolof (32 songs), Turkish (31 songs), Occitan (27 songs), Malagasy (26 songs), Korean (23 songs), Chinese (22 songs), French-based creoles (21 songs), Japanese (19 songs), Dyula (19 songs), Polish (18 songs), Swedish (17 songs), Jamaican Creole (13 songs), Finnish (13 songs), Zulu (12 songs), Hawaiian (12 songs), Bulgarian (11 songs), Shona (8 songs), Haitian Creole (8 songs), Nubian (7 songs), Xhosa (6 songs), Catalan (6 songs), Georgian (5 songs), Hindi (5 songs), Galician (4 songs), Hungarian (3 songs), Middle High German (3 songs), Esperanto (3 songs). I have 2 songs in each of the following languages: Sesotho, Romanian, Punjabi, Lingala, Limburgish, Icelandic, Irish Gaelic, Serbian.  I have one song in each of the following languages: Venda, Klingon, Tagalog, Swahili, Old Irish, Scots, Low German (i.e., Plattdeutsch), Ndebele, Mongolian, Modern Hebrew, Fang, Persian, Duala, Breton, Amharic, Afrikaans.

Note:  Some songs contain multiple languages and are counted multiple times in this list.  Some languages are only used for a single phrase, making it arguable that the song is sung “in that language”.

If you’re wondering why a certain language is not included:  There are over 6000 languages in the world, and I have no idea in how many of these songs have been recorded. In any case, I will gladly accept in tips for songs to add to the collection 🙂

Happy Music Listening to everyone!




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